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Dr. GL Arora – Best Deformity Doctor Lucknow, UP India for Polio, CP, Clubfoot and many more

Orthopedist –

Dr. G L Arora is a known name in the field of orthopedics. He has changed many lives by correcting the debilitating deformities such as genu valgum, genu varum, CTEV (club foot), polio deformities correction etc. Dr. Arora is a specialist who believes in improving the quality of life of his patients so that they lead an independent life. As a cerebral palsy treatment expert, Dr. Arora comes across many mild to severe cases of deformities in children as well as in adults. He is a renowned orthopedic surgeon for Joint replacement surgery, spinal disorders, and other joint diseases. 

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Cerebral Palsy

This non-progressive neuromuscular disease makes a child unable to walk properly. Many children suffer from deformities like club foot (CTEV), leg shortening, foot defomities, spinal deformitites and hip joint deformitites as well. Correcting these deformities is now possible! Dr. Arora is the best orthopedic surgeon for the correction of these deformities thus making the child independent and able to do his/her daily activities.

Polio Deformity Treatment

Polio leaves the residual weakness in the body of the patient, thereby making him/her disabled in most cases. Dr. G L Arora performs surgery for muscle rehabilitation on polio patients. He has made many polio patients independent by his experienced treatment approach. Get treated by the legendary orthopedic surgeon Dr. G L Arora and start living your life to the fullest.

CTEV Treatment

CTEV or Clubfoot is among the most common deformities in the newborns. The foot of the child faces inwards in this deformity. It can be present in a perfectly normal child or a Cerebral palsy patient too. CTEV responds very well to the early treatment. The treatment starts at birth and involves non-surgical as well as surgical measures. The Clubfoot must be corrected as soon as possible.

Genu Varum & Genu Valgum

Genu Varum is also known as the bowed legs in which the knees of the patient are pointed outwards. While Genu Valgum is the exact opposite of this in which the knees of the patient are pointed inwards, thus giving it an appearance of knock knees. These deformities can be present in one or both legs. They must be corrected well in time so that the patient can learn to walk without a limp as soon as possible. Early treatment also prevents the development of the related deformities in the related joint areas.

Dr. Arora’s Approach for Deformity Treatment 

Dr. G L Arora believes in the quality of life thus making the patient independent in life. The non-surgical measures are the first option for him and the surgical measures, the next. The mild cases of deformity get treated with proper exercises and splinting, while the moderate to severe cases need a surgical approach to reap the benefits. Having decades of experience in the field makes him the best doctor for making the deformities a thing of past.  Book an appointment with Dr. Arora to know more.


"My Child was born with a clubfoot deformity. Dr. Arora treated him very well that now he is walking normally. I thank Dr. Arora with all my heart."

Sunita Jain – Mother

"I was not able to walk due to polio in my legs. Dr. Arora did my surgery and now I am able to stand and walk of my own. I am running my own tea-shop. Thank You so much Dr. Arora for changing my life."

Ali: Age 21

"I was suffering from severe hip pain. I was diagnosed as having avascular necrosis in my hip which means my joint bone was dead. Dr. G L Arora did the hip replacement surgery and now I am able to do each and every activity without any pain or difficulty. He is really a blessed surgeon."

Satish Kalra: Age 46

Frequently Asked Questions

Can CTEV be treated completely?

Yes, it can be treated completely. Earlier the treatment starts, better are the results. I have treated hundreds of CTEV cases without any deficits, considering the age and other factors.

Is surgery necessary to correct the deformity?

No, Surgery is only required in the moderate to severe cases. The mild cases of deformity get treated with right exercises and orthosis.

How does the stem cell treatment work for arthritis cases?

Stem cells have the ability to multiply, grow and repair the soft tissue and the related joint structure. These stem cells are injected in the arthritic joint, which repairs the joint thus decreasing the symptoms.

Can a deformity be corrected in adult age too?

Yes, it can be corrected in adults too but the treatment and recovery process will be longer than that of children.

Does joint replacement surgery work in severe arthritis cases?

Yes, it does. Joint replacement surgery makes you get rid of pain, stiffness, swelling and other debilitating symptoms of arthritis.

For how much time I have to wait to get an appointment?

You can book an appointment right now on this website as per the time slot is given.

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