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Stem Cell Treatments Done

Alternate Treatment to Knee Replacement Surgery Delhi, Noida, NCR

Emergency Treatment Available : Yes

Any Age Limit : No

Follow-up Required : Yes

Digital X-ray Available: Yes

Hospitalization Required :No

Blood Sample Collection facility : Available

Physiotherapy Treatment : Not Required

About the Procedure : Please check the Procedure Description Box below 

Knee joint replacement surgery is an extensive surgical procedure that included replacing the damaged knee joint surface with an artificial capping structure. The surgery is indicated in severe knee pain, stiffness, knee osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis etc. Many patients are either not suitable for such major surgical procedures or are just afraid of the surgeries. In such conditions, we offer a very effective alternative to the knee joint replacement surgery, which is stem cell therapy.

Stem cell therapy

It is the latest alternative treatment that works very well in repairing the damaged cartilages and thus alleviating the symptoms such as pain, stiffness etc. It is like replacing a major surgery with just an injection.

The results are very promising and many patients are opting stem cell therapy treatment and getting amazing benefits.

How stem cell therapy is performed?

The stem cells are the ones who have the healing and repairing abilities by multiplying themselves. So in the first step, the stem cells are harvested from the bone marrow of the patient.

They are harvested by inserting a needle in the hip joint. Then the stem cells are separated from the bone marrow and they are multiplied by culturing them in the labs.

After which, these stem cells are then implanted in the knee joint with the help of an injection.

The stem cells then start repairing the torn cartilages in the knee joint, thus giving relief to the symptoms like knee pain and stiffness.

Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy

1. Repairing and developing the cartilage cells

2. Decreasing the inflammation that is going on inside the knee due to arthritic changes

3. Stem cells are also said to release the proteins that help protect the joints from getting degenerated.

Other Alternatives to Knee Joint Replacement Therapy

1. Arthroscopy – In this minimally invasive procedure, a small camera is inserted inside the joint and then the insides of the joint are repaired with the help of some small probes. By using this technique, the tear in the soft tissues inside the joint is diagnosed as well as treated. The meniscal repair, cartilage repair and ligamentous repair are just a few examples of the arthroscopy scope.

2. Medications and Lifestyle Modification – This works best when the arthritis is in the initial stages. The cartilage repair medications, exercise, calcium-rich diet and weight-loss etc are some lifestyle modifications that have a great impact on knee arthritis.

3. Knee Osteotomy – This works only in those cases, where the knee pain is due to any misalignment of the joint. Osteotomy corrects those misalignments and thus helps in decreasing the symptoms.

Question 1. Is harvesting the stem cells very painful?

Answer. No, the use of local anesthetics and the painkillers mask the pain and makes the whole process less stressful for the patient.

Question 2. Can it replace the knee joint replacement altogether?

Answer. It depends upon the age of the patient and the condition of the joints. It replaces the need for joint replacement in most of the patients but it delays it in all of them.

Question 3. When will I recover after this treatment?

Answer. You will see the real effects within a week, as the mild soreness of the injection goes away you will realize the effects of stem cells within a few weeks fully.

Question 4. Are there any side effects of this procedure?

Answer. No, there are no side effects of this procedure. As the donor is the patient himself, the chances of a reaction are negligible.

Question 5. At what age can this procedure be performed?

Answer. It can be performed at any age.





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