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Cerebral Palsy Deformities Treated

Cerebral Palsy Treatment Lucknow, UP India

Emergency Treatment Available : Yes

Any Age Limit : No

Follow-up Required : Yes

Digital X-ray Available: Yes

Hospitalization Required: Yes (if surgery is done)

Blood Sample Collection facility : Available

Physiotherapy Treatment : Yes, Required & Available (Well Equipped Physiotherapy Department)

About the Procedure : Please check the Procedure Description Box below 

Best Doctor For Cerebral Palsy Treatment in Lucknow

Dr. Gurucharan Lal Arora is known as the Best Doctor for Deformity Treatment in Lucknow, NCR, India. He is a known name in the field of Orthopedics for Cerebral Palsy treatment, treating polioCTEV/Clubfoot and other deformity cases. He has changed thousands of lives during his 30 years of practice and still counting. Dr. Arora has done his M.B.B.S and M.S (Orthopedics) from Pt. J.N.M. Medical College, Raipur. He is a gold medalist as far as his Masters in concerned. Dr. Arora started his house job in the department of pediatric surgery in  Nanavati Hospital Mumbai. This inspired him to do some more for children to improve their quality of life and prevention as well as the treatment of the deformities (polio, CTEV, Cerebral Palsy related deformities etc).

Cerebral Palsy is a non-progressive neuromuscular disorder that includes many physical as well as the mental challenges. Some children with cerebral palsy have a few deformities while others represent a whole set of them.


Causes of Cerebral Palsy can be

1. Before the Birth – This includes any maternal infections during pregnancy, drinking and smoking habits of the mother and some environmental and genetic factors.

2. After the Birth – The reason of the cerebral palsy after the birth can be premature birth, Oxygen-deprivation post birth, Non-availability of oxygen resources after birth and some infections and related diseases can give rise to cerebral palsy.



The most common Deformities that are found in the patients with cerebral palsy and their treatments are :

1. CTEV – Congenital Talipes Equinovarus or Clubfoot can be seen in many CP (Cerebral Palsy) cases. The foot (or both) are pointing inwards thus making the child unable to stand erect and walk normally. The treatment of CTEV ranges from the splints to the surgery. In most cases, 100 percent recovery is seen.


2. Contracture Release – As most cases of cerebral palsy have increased muscle tone in them, thus making the muscles tight and painful. These tight muscles and tendons ultimately form contractures if not treated in time with braces and exercises. The contractures are then released surgically by splitting the muscle/tendon and then allowing them to heal in a lengthened position. This surgery imparts very good results in the walking patterns of the patient too.


3. Scoliosis correction – As the muscles of the spine are also imbalanced, the vertebrae rotate and form a C or S-shaped curve. This gives rise to an even hump-like appearance on the back. The braces like spinal jackets are used to treat the deformity. The surgical treatment is performed by doing the spinal fusion.


4. Hip Dysplasia – The weak or tight muscles make the hip to dislocate frequently. It can occur in one or both hips of the baby. The Realignment of the hip joint is the most effective treatment of the hip dysplasia using acetabular osteotomy or proximal femoral osteotomy.


5. Flat foot treatment – Some children with cerebral palsy are born with a flat foot. In most cases, the flat foot is treated without the surgical measures and just by the use of orthotics.


6. Toe-walking or equinus treatment– Many children suffering from CP have a toe-walking pattern. The walk on their toes due to the shortening of the Achilles tendon. A surgery is performed to lengthen the Achilles tendon thus correcting the toe-walking pattern.


7. Torsional Deformities – Sometimes there is Inward or outward rotation in the bones of lower limbs in the CP patients. The Rotational osteotomy correction surgery is performed to correct the deformity.

Question 1. When can a child undergo the surgery for the deformity correction?

Answer. It varies with the overall condition of the child. The factors like inability to walk or the extent of deformities define the time of surgery. So we decide it by examining the child first.


Question 2. What is the best time for surgery that a surgeon thinks will be best for a child with cerebral palsy?

Answer. 4 years of age.


Question 3. Are the orthotic braces necessary for the correction of the deformity?

Answer. Yes, Some are corrected just by the use of orthotic braces and the others are corrected by a combination of surgery and orthotic braces.


Question 4. Is it necessary to go for a surgery in cerebral palsy deformity correction?

Answer. Only mild spastic cases can be improved with the help of physiotherapy & braces. Majority of cases need surgical treatment for better results. 


Question 5. How long the effects of orthopedic surgery last?

Answer. The effects of orthopedic surgery are permanent, except in the few cases of recurrence of deformity or change in the correction with the growth of the child. In those cases, another surgery is required.


Question 6. What are the main things to consider after an orthopedic surgery?

Answer. Braces must be worn as advised and all the exercises must be followed. Don’t stop the exercises or the braces unless advised by your orthopedic surgeon.

Dr GL Arora's - Cerebral Palsy Success Cases

Zuber A Cerebral Palsy patient can walk, earns a living,Got Married after his surgery!

25 year old Cerebral Palsy patient Zuber came to Dr Arora for Cerebral Palsy Treatment Surgery. He was presented as severe spastic hemiparesis (tightness and weakness of muscles) on his left side. He had uncontrolled involuntary movements of left upper arm, right arm trying to control left arm. Dr Arora performed surgery, after 10 months the involuntary movements of left arm were much controlled (right arm is now free). Within 2 Years – Started earning by his tea stall (he is the one who is making tea in the video) and got married. He is happy. A complete rehabilitation of the patient with just one surgery! One surgery has done his Physical, Social, Mental and financial rehabilitation!


Ali’s Scissoring Walk Corrected

A 16 year old male, Ali was presented as the classic case of cerebral palsy to Dr G L Arora. He was having scissoring walk and used to walk on his toes (equinovarus) along with knock knees. He was operated at Hind Medical College in 5/6/12. Following Procedures were performed – -Bilateral Obturator Neurectomy -Bilateral Medial hamstring Release – Bilateral TA and tibial lengthening. Result – Good correction at Ankle, hip and knees. Patient is happy.


Priyansh – A Cerebral Palsy kid walked properly for the first time

Priyansh, a resident of Bagpat was unable to stand or walk without support. He was having Scissor’s gait (hip and thighs are unable to get apart), flexed knee (knee bent) and equinovarus feet (clubfoot) etc. He was operated by Dr G L Arora at Hind Medical College Barabanki on 18/05/2010 and second in august 2012. Result – All deformities are corrected and patient has improved much. Improvement is happening day by day.



Cerebral Palsy Patient started walking after treatment

Rakesh a 9.5 year old boy suffering with Cerebral Palsy lives in Shahjahanpur exhibited severe Equinovarus feet and was unable to stand or walk. He was operated in Hind Medical College, Barabanki in the year 2009. His Surgery entailed releasing his tight tendons. Post Operative results after 12 months of surgery exhibited that he could now stand and walk with support.



Tight muscles (scissoring gate) due to Cerebral Palsy were treated. 

Minakshi An 8 Year Old Girl Suffering with Cerebral Palsy, exhibited with tight hip adductors (Scissor Gait) and tight Equinovarus feet. Unable to stand without support. Results after 11 month post surgery, tight hip adductors were released. Tight tendo Achilles & tibialis anterior were released. Tight medical hamstrings released. She is able to walk with braces and walker. Almost all deformities were corrected within one sitting



The Best Treatment for CP by a Delhi Doctor!

Diksha is a Five year old girl suffering from Cerebral Palsy and was unable to stand and could not walk without support. She also exhibited severe equinovarus feet. She was operated in Barabanki in Hind Medical College. Her Surgery entailed releasing of soft tissues done at knees and ankles. Post Surgery Results exhibited full correction in Knee Flexion and Ankle Equinovarus. (Highly Satisfying Results post 3 months of Surgery)


CP patient Anushka started walking after her surgery!

Baby Anushka 2 years old resident of Lucknow. Suffering from Cerebral Palsy was operated at Hind Medical College Barabanki by Dr G L Arora. she was unable to walk properly and usually fell down. She was also unable to walk or even stand without support. She was operated upon in 2010 After 10 months of surgery she started walking properly. Her Walking mechanism has improved considerable as seen after 1.5 years of surgery. Parents are highly satisfied of results.


Cerebral Palsy Patient Ekansh Started walking after his treatment!

Master Ekansh belonging to Thakurdwara, Moradabad suffering with Cerebral Palsy exhibited Spastic Triplegia. Spasticity both Lower Limb more on the right and in Right Upper Limb Left Leg – Severe Equinovarus feet. He was operated upon in 2013 in Mayo Medical College, Barabanki. Both Legs and Arm deformities were corrected in single sitting. Results Post Four Year – 1. Severe Equinovarus was fully corrected. 2. Equinus foot was fully corrected. 3. Control and Power in the hand has been greatly improved. Needs One more surgery for Sub Talar arthrodesis.


Cerebral Palsy Deformity Treatment in Delhi,Knock knees Treatment.

Ajay is an 11 old boy suffering with Cerebral Palsy was operated in Hind Medical College in Oct 2010. Ajay exhibited with tight hip adductors (Knock Knees). His surgery entailed Hip Adductors which were released by obturation neurechomy. Post Surgery Improvements exhibited – no hip adductions (no knock knees).



Cerebral Palsy Treatment-The Kid started walking independently.

Cerebral Palsy and Clubfoot Treatment – Bhavya, a 9 year old kid approached Dr G L Arora at Rishi Hospital, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow for her treatment. She was unable to stand or walk without support, legs and feet were in equinus (heel in the air) and inverted. Her knees were flexed and knocking, hips are internally rotated and there was no gap between two hips (adducted). She was operated by Dr Arora about 1 and a half year ago and all the joints were corrected during surgery. Result – She is walking with one stick now and will soon be able to walk normally. Contact Dr G L Arora for best Cerebal Palsy Treatment in Delhi, NCR, UP, India,


सेरिब्रल पाल्सी का इलाज़-ऑपरेशन से बच्चा चलने लगा,हाथ भी इस्तेमाल में लाने लगा

7 year old Mohd. Uvaise, resident of Mahibullapur, sitapur road lucknow was presented with Triplegia (both lower limb and right upper limb) He had right hemiparesis with mild paresis in left lower limb. He was operated at lucknow Procedures done on 5/12/17 Soft tissue release of both lower limb and right upper limb, all in single sitting. Tendon release and tendon transfer was done. Results after 14 months – walking comfortably much improvement in gait function in right hand improved satisfactory

CP Patient Treatment -Cerebral Palsy child was unable to sit,now walking!

Master Shaurya of Rampur UP was presented as a case of Cerebral Palsy in 2013. At the age of 1 and a half year, he was unable to sit. He was having spastic paraparesis. First surgery was done in march 2013 at Saraswati Hospital Lucknow. procedures – Soft Tissue Release Done. Second Surgery done after 1 year at Mayo Medical College Barabanki in March 2014 (age 2 and a half year). Results after 1 and a half year of first surgery He couldn’t even sit previously and now he can walk with support and improving everyday. Satisfactory results

Cerebral Palsy deformities treated by Delhi Doctor

Keshav Shrivastava, 18/Male, Noida was presented as case of cerebral palsy with quadriparesis, speech problem. Unable to walk without support and very difficult walk. Right foot and ankle are uncontrollable. Operated at Delhi on 9 august 2018 Procedures done – Soft tissue release and medicines Second procedure done on 6th march 2019 for equinovarus Foot (right). Results after 9 months – Walking Much better and this is just the beginning, much better results are going to come within next year automatically. Satisfactory.

Cerebral Palsy Patient Improved dramatically without Surgery

15 year old Madhu, a Cerebral Palsy patient, resident of Sultanpur Lucknow was presented as severe case of CP. She has quardiparesis (weakness in hands and legs) with severe uncontrolled involuntary movements. Difficulty in speech, unable to stand, crawling, frequent attacks of epilepsy. Conservative treatment was done. Result after 9 months, She started walking without support, no epileptic fits, spasticity/tightness decreasing constantly and speedily recovering. Results are Satisfactory.

CP Treatment by Delhi Doctor made him walk for the first time in his life!

Sheban Ahmad is a 16 year old teenager resident of Kesar Ganj Behraich, U.P suffering with Cerebral Palsy exhibited walking on 4 limbs since child hood. He had severe flexion contracture, of Bilateral Hip flexors and was unable to stand erect by himself (without support). His Surgery entailed release of Hip Flexors – Bilateral in the year 2014. Post Operative Results exhibited remarkable improvement as he started walking straight with help of a walker.

Naisha-cerebral Palsy Patient who couldn’t walk is now walking & cycling!

Naisha, a 4 year old kid, resident of Lucknow, was presented as a classic CP case, was unable to stand or walk. She was operated in december 2016 by Dr G L Arora. Post op Recovery – After 3 months of operation – patient was able to walk with one finger holding. After 4 months – started walking without support After 11 months – Cycling After 14 months – walking better Now joined normal school.

Sarthak-treated by the Best CP Doctor in Delhi & is now walking normally!

Sarthak, an 8 year old male, a resident of Barabanki (UP) was presented as left hemiparesis (weakness on one side of the body) of the body. He was operated at Hind Medical College, Barabanki (UP) in Stage 1 – for Lower Limb in October 2012, Stage 2 – for upper limb, pronated and flexed wrist (first surgery for lower limb and second surgery for upper limb). Now – hemiparesis much improved. Patient is Happy

Surgery for Cerebral Palsy Deformity made a child walk! – Meet the Doctor 

Ambreesh is a 14 Year old male who came to Dr G L Arora for Cerebral Palsy deformity Correction surgery. His legs (right is more) outwardly rotated, she was operated at Mayo Medical College Barabanki. Dr Arora performed a soft tissue release surgery and reshaped his bone to correct the outward rotation (supracondylar osteotomy). Result – Ambreesh is walking much better than before and is more confident and happy.

Astha doesn’t fall anymore, Thanks To Best Cerebral Palsy Doctor in Delhi

7 year old Astha came to Dr G L arora for Cerebral Palsy Deformity Correction treatment. She used to fall down after every few steps. Dr Arora operated her in 2012 at Hind Hospital Barabanki, UP following a second surgery after some time to treat her foot. Result – Astha is not falling anymore, she is walking much better now and is studying in a normal school.

Child Suffering from Cerebral Palsy (CP) started walking after Surgery

Dr G L Arora performed the surgery of 12 year old girl Rati Verma. She is suffering from cerebral Palsy and was unable to walk properly due to spastic paraparesis (tightness and weakness in leg muscles) in both limbs and more on right side. After the soft tissue release surgery by Dr G L Arora, her walking has improved much and is improving day by day.

Cerebral Palsy Treatment -Amazing Improvement in patient after surgery

Anmol is a 6 year old boy suffering from Cerebral Palsy (CP). He is a resident of Lakaicha, Barabanki (UP). He was presented as a classic case of CP unable to stand or walk. Dr. Arora operated him at Mayo Medical College, BBK in 2004. Procedure – Standard Soft Tissue Release. Result – After 10 months post op, started walking with support of one finger and then without support.

Arpit used to walk with support and is now walking independently-Best Doctor for Cerebral Palsy

Master Arpit, a 7 year old Male child suffering from Cerebral Palsy came to Dr G L Arora for Surgery and treatment. He is a resident of Gomti Nagar, Lucknow. Arpit was presented as a Classic CP case, unable to stand (see in the beginning of the video). He was operated on 14.1.2012 at Hind Medical College, Barabanki. Result (post 1 year) – Excellent, started walking with the help of one finger in 10 months.

Best Knee and Foot Deformity Treatment (knock knee & Equinus Treatment) at Barabanki

Adarsh a 13 Year old boy from Amethi came to Dr G L Arora. He had severe flexion in hip & knees, severe equinus feet/ ankles and used to fall frequently after walking a few yards. He was operated at Hind Medical College Barabanki in 2011 His Post Operative Condition post 2 Years. Knee Flexion shows great improvement. No Equinus in Ankles Now his heels are touching the ground. No frequent falls. Patient and Parents are Happy with present improvement.

CTEV/Clubfoot Treatment Done by Delhi Doctor Successfully | Best CTEV and Cerebral Palsy Treatment Specialist in Delhi

Miss Mishty, 6 year old girl belonging to Lucknow, suffering with equinovarus foot in the left side thus presenting great difficulty in walking operated for soft tissues at Mayo Medical College, Barabanki Post Operative Results – Corrected posture of Ankle and Foot as seen in image after 1 year of surgery Considerable improvement shown by patient post 2 years of surgery

Bent Knee Deformity & Scissoring Gate Successfully Treated by Legendary Delhi Doctor

Jatin – Is a 16 year old boy resident of Agra suffering with Cerebral Palsy. Exhibited symptoms with severe knee flexions and scissor gait. He was operated for soft tissues release as well as bony correction (Supra Condylar Osteotomy) was done to correct knee flexion contracture followed by series of plaster cast for gradual correction of flexion contractures of knee joint. Post Operative Reults exhibited corrected knee flexion severe contracture. Better Walking and no scissor gait. Bending of Knee is almost 80% improved, bony correction in Cerebral Palsy is rarely done.




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