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Cold Orthopedics Treatment Delhi, Noida, NCR

Emergency Treatment Available : Yes

Any Age Limit : No

Follow-up Required: Not Always

Digital X-ray Available: Yes

Hospitalization Required: No

Blood Sample Collection facility : Available

Physiotherapy Treatment: Depends upon the condition

About the Procedure : Please check the Procedure Description Box below 

Cold orthopedics includes the treatment of general orthopedic conditions that are not related to trauma. The most commonly treated orthopedic diseases are arthritis, cervical spondylosis, Back pain, Disc prolapse, bone infections, bone tumor and metabolic diseases like rickets, osteomalacia etc.

These diseases need a timely diagnosis, advanced medicines, and lifestyle changes if needed. The most commonly treated diseases are:

1. Bone Tumor – All bone tumors are not cancerous but all of them weaken the bones and make them prone to the fractures. The bone tumors must be treated as soon as possible. Sometimes they are diagnosed accidentally due to a fracture.

2. Arthritis – Dr. G L Arora is an expert for the treatment of osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and other septic arthritis. They are among the most common problems after 45 years of age. They need proper exercise, precautions and dietary modification along with medications to keep the symptoms at bay.

3. Pediatric Orthopedic treatments – Many children are born with certain deformities such as CTEV (Congenital Talipes Equino Varus or Clubfoot), CDH (Congenital Dislocation of Hip) and flat foot etc. Some need just the corrective exercises, others need braces or surgery. They must be treated well in time, as the deformity tends to progress with age.

4. Bone infections – Bone infections such as osteomyelitis is a very debilitating condition in which the bone starts dying from inside and the pus starts oozing out if not treated. This infection responds well to medications if the patients come in the early stage of the disease. In later stages of the disease, bone needs to be curetted and irrigated to remove the pus and dead bone with due course of antibiotics.


5. Bone TB – Bone Tuberculosis can be fatal if not treated. The disease can lead to pott’s paraplegia, which includes paralysis of the lower limbs. The condition of the patient improves dramatically with the right medications and treatment.

6. Ligament and other soft tissue diseases – The sprains, tennis elbow, tendonitis, de Quervain’s disease, golfer’s elbow, synovitis, carpal tunnel syndrome etc are considered in the soft tissue diseases. Dr. G L Arora is an expert in their treatment.

7. Metabolic diseases – The metabolic diseases include rickets (various deformities in the body due to deficiency of both calcium & vitamin D), Osteomalacia (bone softening due to vitamin D deficiency) and osteoporosis (deficiency of calcium makes the bones vulnerable to fracture) etc. They need dietary care and medications in most of the cases. The patient recovers fully without any deficit.

Question 1. How a bone tumor is diagnosed?

Answer. A bone tumor is generally diagnosed by an x-ray. The main symptoms are pain and weakness in and around that area.

Question 2. Is it normal to have pain in joints above 50 years of age?

Answer. No, if the joints are aching then there must be a reason behind them. It can be as little as just a vitamin D deficiency or due to osteoarthritic changes. In both cases, it should not be ignored and proper treatment must be taken.

Question 3. Would I have to go through many tests to get my pain diagnosed?

Answer. No, you need not go through any tests to get your pain diagnosed. Most of the times no tests are ordered or just an x-ray if really needed. Dr. Arora does not believe in extensive diagnostic tests unless absolutely necessary.

Question 4. My child is born with a foot deformity, when can I get him checked?

Answer. As soon as you can. The deformity treatment starts at the early age and yields the best results.

Question 5. How much time should I have to wait to get an appointment?

Answer. We value your time, so you can book your appointments here on this website on the time that suits you and it will be all hassle-free.





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