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Genu Valgum & Genu Varum Cases Treated

Genu Varum & Genu Valgum Treatment Delhi, Noida, NCR

Emergency Treatment Available : Yes

Any Age Limit : No

Follow-up Required : Yes

Digital X-ray Available: Yes

Hospitalization Required: Yes (2 to 3 Days)

Blood Sample Collection facility : Available

Physiotherapy Treatment : Yes, Required & Available (Well Equipped Physiotherapy Department)

About the Procedure : Please check the Procedure Description Box below 

Genu Varum or Bowed legs

The legs have considerable space between them, it becomes more obvious when the kid stands up or walks. Genu varum is also known as the bowed legs. In this deformity, the knees of the kid are far apart but the toes are pointing inwards, the toes can touch.

Genu Valgum or Knock Knees

It is the exact opposite deformity of the genu varum, in this, the knees are pointing inwards and ankles, toes are pointing outwards. In this disease, the knees keep rubbing or knocking on each other and toes never meet, hence the name knock knee is given.

Reasons behind the bowed legs and knock knees can be many, some of the most common reasons are:

Blount’s disease – In this disease, there is a growth plate abnormality in the upper part of the shin bone (tibia). It can occur either in one or both legs. It causes the genu varum or the bowed legs.

Rickets – This malnutrition disorder affects bones of all the body. Along with other deformities, bowed legs and knock knees are common.

Some benign tumors around the knee joint area – it is quite rare though.

Obesity – Genu valgum and varum are commonly seen in fat or obese kids.

Injury to the joint from trauma or infection

Skeletal dysplasia – stunted skeletal and cartilage growth.

Problems associated with Genu Valgum/bowed knees and Genu Varum/knock knees

1. Undue stress on all the joints, such as the knee is under maximum stress and hip and ankle joint bear undue stress as well.

2. The child has more chances of falling due to improper muscular coordination.

3. The deformity gives rise to another deformity that is turning of the toes and foot inwards.

4. Cosmetic appearance

5. Joint stiffness

6. Knee Pain

7. Walking with a limp

Treatment of Genu Valgum and Genu Varum

1. Braces or orthotic devices to correct the deformity.

2. Malnutrition must be treated with proper diet and medication if the deformity is due to rickets.

3. Surgery is the ultimate way to correct the deformity if everything else fails. The main surgical interventions performed are

  • Guided Growth surgery or Growth Plate surgery is performed in order to correct the shape of the knee joints. In this surgery, a metal plate is inserted in the tibia to ensure a smooth growth. It is removed after the full growth of the child.

  • Tibial Osteotomy is also a preferred procedure in which the shinbone (tibia) is shaped in such a way that it heals while correcting the deformity.

  • Hemiepiphysiodesis  – Shaping of the inner side of the knee to correct genu valgum.

Question 1. Will the surgery be the only choice for this leg abnormality (genu valgum or genu varum)?

Answer. No, many cases of physiological genu valgum or varum get treated by the use of braces. Some cases which have severe deformity need the surgical correction.

Question 2. How much time does the surgery take?

Answer. It depends upon the type of surgery. On an average, the surgery takes somewhere around 2 to 3 hours.

Question 3. Will my child need physiotherapy after surgery?

Answer. Yes, to regain muscle strength and make the recovery process smoother and efficient, physical therapy is required. It will be stopped once the child is up and about.

Question 4. Can these deformities be treated fully?

Answer. Yes, both these deformities can be treated fully without any deficit with timely treatment and correct surgical measures.





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