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Poliomyelitis Deformities Treated

Poliomyelitis Deformity Treatment Delhi, Noida, NCR

Emergency Treatment Available : Yes

Any Age Limit : No

Follow-up Required : Yes

Digital X-ray Available: Yes

Hospitalization Required :Yes (2 to 4 Days)

Blood Sample Collection facility : Available

Physiotherapy Treatment : Yes, Required & Available (Well Equipped Physiotherapy Department)

About the Procedure : Please check the Procedure Description Box below 

Best Doctor for Polio Treatment in Delhi, NCR, India

Dr. Gurucharan Lal Arora is known as the Best Doctor for Deformity Treatment in Delhi, NCR, India. He is a known name in the field of Orthopedics for treating polio, Cerebral PalsyCTEV/Clubfoot and other deformity cases. He has changed thousands of lives during his 30 years of practice and still counting. Dr. Arora has done his M.B.B.S and M.S (Orthopedics) from Pt. J.N.M. Medical College, Raipur. He is a gold medalist as far as his Masters in concerned. Dr. Arora started his house job in the department of pediatric surgery in  Nanavati Hospital Mumbai. This inspired him to do some more for children to improve their quality of life and prevention as well as the treatment of the deformities (polio, CTEV, Cerebral Palsy related deformities etc).

Poliomyelitis is caused by the viral infection causing cold, diarrhea and fever at first which then leaves the flaccid paralysis behind. That is why known as post-polio residual paralysis.

The most commonly affected area is the lower limb, the upper limb (arms) are affected less commonly than legs. The soft limbs later become tighter and contractures develop thus giving them a shape of deformity. These deformities need to be treated in order to improve the quality of life of the patient as well as to make them walk independently.

Most common causes of deformities that occur in Polio are


1. Shoulder muscle weakness

2. Back muscles weakness, which leads to Scoliosis (C or S-shaped curvature of the spine).

3. Severe weakness of the muscles of the whole lower limb (thigh, knee, and leg)

4. Foot drop occurs (the patient is unable to move his/her foot upward).

5. The muscles of the affected area get reduced in size thus the affected limb appears much thinner than the unaffected one.

6. So the deformities occur in different positions where the muscle gets shortened and weak.

7. Due to severe muscle imbalance and weakness the joint dislocations also occur and if not treated well in time, then they get deformed in the same position.

Surgeries For Poliomyelitis Deformity Correction

1. Tendon transfer surgeries – The weak muscles are given a strong, healthy tendon and the movement is regained.


2. Arthrodesis – The bones are fused together to provide better stability to the child. This is done in cases of the unstable knee or unstable foot.


3. Limb length Correction Surgery – The limb length is asymmetrical in many polio cases, which is then corrected by the limb length correction surgery in order to eliminate limping.


4. Deformity Correction – The deformities like the excessive bending of the knee, excessive bending of the hip, Frog-position, foot-drop etc are treated with the surgeries and the correction is maintained by the use of orthosis in the recovery period.


5. Correction by Osteotomy – The bones are shaped in such a way that the deformity is corrected and the patient is able to use the muscles around it too.


6. Tendon Lengthening – This is done mostly in cases of foot drop or other foot deformities. The Tendon is slit and the healing is allowed to take place in a lengthened position thus correcting the deformity.


7. Knock Knees Correction – If the knees are pointed inside, then it is known as the knock knees. It is corrected by using the osteotomy (bone-reshaping) technique.


Question 1. Can a deformity be corrected even after a long time?

Answer. Yes, the deformity can still be corrected but the recovery process will be much longer than the early deformity cases.


Question 2. Can a child with polio walk without orthosis?

Answer. It depends upon the level of paralysis he/she had. In mild paralysis cases, the child can walk without the assistance of orthosis. While in moderate to severe polio cases, the orthosis may not wear-off completely, but their usage and dependency decrease to a much greater level.


Question 3. Is surgery the only option of treatment?

Answer. After Dr. G L Arora’s surgery, the calipers/braces are rarely needed. So it is the best treatment option for moderate deformity cases. 


Question 4. How much time will be spent in the hospital after surgery?

Answer. Around 3 to 5 days will be spent in the hospital after surgery on an average. The time varies with the type of surgery.


Question 5. Will the exercise be needed after surgery?

Answer. Yes, to complete the rehabilitation process physiotherapy is a must.


Question 6. Will I be able to do my exercises at home?

Answer. Yes, you will be able to do your exercises at home. They will be taught to you after the initial phase of physiotherapy.


Question 7. Can surgery make me independent?

Answer.  Many of the patients have become independent and more than 50 boys & girls are socially accepted as well. They are now living a happy married life.


डॉ G L Arora कर रहे हैं पोलियो के मरीज़ों का सबसे सस्ता इलाज़हज़ारों मरीज़ उठा चुके हैं इलाज़ का फायदा

Shabbo D/o Nazeeb, 16 year old girl of Bijnore UP was brought to teerthankar Medical College Moradabad on 9.5.08, presented as PPRP of left lower limb. She was having foot drop and swelling of knee joint. Procedures adopted – soft tissue release and modified Jones operation with synovectomy of knee joint (synovectomy) Result after 6 months – Satisfactory. same knee – after 15 days – treatment of synovitis (synovectomy) done and patient was cured

पोलियो का हैरान कर देने वाला इलाज़- शबा ने अब बैसाखियाँ छोड़ दीं, देखें वीडियो। Polio Treatment


Shaba Bano 15 year old female, presented as a Polio case in jan 2015. She had polio of right lower limb, flexion deformity at knee joint and foot drop. walking with the help of crutches. Procedure – Soft tissue correction for foot drop and bony correction for knee deformity done. All procedures were performed in one stage. Result in november 2015 – all deformities corrected, walking with calipers, no need of crutch. (it means now while walking, his hand is free which was previously engaged in holding the crutch.


पोलियो का चमत्कारिक इलाज़ – लंगड़ा कर चलने वाले मरीज़ अब चल सकेंगे सीधा, देखें वीडियो

Komal 24 years old female from Varanasi presented with polio and left leg equinus foot, limping, ankle was almost flail, going valgus. Operated at Luckhnow in two stages Stage 1 (23/08/2013) – fixed subtalar joint Stage 2 (26/08/2013) – Tightening of tibialis posterior and EHL Result is satisfactory. Ankle became stable and the foot is fully corrected.


पोलियो का इलाज़ – घुटने पर हाथ रख के चलने वाला बच्चा सीधा चलने लगा , देखें वीडियो!


Gaurav A 13 year old boy was brought at moradabad Teerthankar Mahavir Medical College on 9.6.08 He was presented with PPRP/Polio in left leg, walking with hand on knee. Procedures adopted were soft tissue release and supracondylar osteotomy on affected side. Results after 8 months (1.2.09) – Satisfactory, almost normal gait. No hand on knee gait anymore.


Polio Patient Started walking Normally – Best Treatment in Delhi by Dr G L Arora


Amresh Kumari is a 22 Year old girl working in rural health department in Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh. She was suffering from PPRP since birth in her Right Lower Limb. She exhibited symptoms like walking with a limp due to shortening and wasting of Right Lower Limb. She was operated in 2010 at Hind Medical College. Result after 1 year were remarkable. The patient (Amresh) exhibited a normal gait. Patient is satisfied with her progress.

PPRC/POLIO Patient Transformation after Treatment – Amazing Polio treatment in UP!


Vivek Kumar is a 22 Year old boy belonging to Chakral Bhari – Fatehpur,Barabanki. the patient suffered from PPRP in his Right Lower Limb with -hand on knee gait -Tibialis anterior and dorsiflexor palsy, EHL (Tibialist anterior Grade 0, EHL grade 2+) Procedure on 20/10/2017 – Percutaneous TA lengthening – fractional length of biceps femoral – medial hamstrings tendons cut and cross formed – tenodesis of tibaialis anterior – shortening of peroneus brevis – SOFT TISSUE RELEASE WITH BONY PROCEDURE Result after 1 and a half year Walking is almost normal.

Best Polio Treatment in UP : Rajkumar, A Polio Patient who once crawled now walks!


Rajkumar of Muradabad 18 years, was suffering from PPRP, polio in both lower limbs. Presented with – walking on knees – Severe flexion contracture at knee joint Surgery was done in three stages – Stage 1 – 15th November 2009, soft tissue release around knee joint of right lower limb and skeletal traction was applied to correct the flexion contracture. Stage 2 – after 1 month – soft tissue release around left lower limb and skeletal traction applied. Supracondylar osteotomy of right femur was done Stage 3 – after 1 month – Supracondylar Osteotomy of left side. Post-op 1 – Results after about 6 months – started walking with the help of callipers and a lathi/crutches Post-op- final – 3 years final result – walking with mild limp and deformity in right leg, but without calliper or any support. Now – He is earning his living by doing the tailoring job.

Polio Treatment in UP: Polio patients are getting treated by Dr G L Arora. See Sangeeta’s Journey!


Sangeeta, 16 year old female polio Patient from Moradabad UP was presented as PPRP left foot with severe equinus deformity. She used to walk on toes from left leg. She was operated at Teerthankar College Muradabad UP in 2009. Soft tissue correction and osteotomy (mid tarsal dorsal wedge) result – full correction, patient happy and satisfied.

Polio Treatment Doctor: Ranjana’s Toe-walk corrected by Dr Arora, Amazing Result!


Miss Ranjana presented as a case of polio affected left foot. her toes of left foot were bent inside. She was walking on her toes. So on correcting the toes manually, there was a big calosity on the skin. Operation was done in saraswati hospital Lucknow in april 2015. Two surgeries were done in two months duration. Final Result in nov 2015- satisfactory, all the toes come in normal position with normal skin over them.

Amazing Polio treatment : who used to crawl now rides a bike. See the incredible journey of Hamid!


Hamid used to hop n crawl as he couldn’t stand erect due to severe knee flexion deformity. But after Dr Arora’s treatment, Hamid can stand erect and ride a special bike. He is doing a job, goes around the city and is also doing well in badminton and other sports.

Best PPRP/POLIO Treatment – Both legs treated fully and Sunita started leading a normal life!


Sunita 16 year old female, had polio in both legs. One foot had severe equino varus. 1st surgery in 2003 on right foot- mid tarsal dorsolateral wedge osteotomy and soft tissue release 2nd surgery in 2004 on left foot – same surgical procedure 2 years post surgery – both foot corrected fully. Sunita got married has two children now and very happy.

Polio Treatment Surgery Results – Salamat Ali started walking straight!


Salamat Khan Ali 12 year old male, resident of Behraich, was presented with polio in left lower limb. He was walking hands on knees and had severe flexion contracture in hip and knee. Surgery in 2012 – Stage 1 – Soft tissue release and distraction Stage 2 – Bony Correction (after 1 month) Result – Now he is able to walk straight, no hands on knee gait and earning his living at faridabad.

Amazing Polio Treatment- Dr Arora has dedicated his life to make polio patients walk!

Arshiya Bano, 15 year old resident of Gonda UP was presented as polio of left lower limb in june 2014. She had a very difficult walk. She had hands on knee gait with internal rotation of left hip joint/lower limb + severe knee flexion deformity and foot drop. She couldn’t walk after few yards. Procedure – SOft tissue release at hip,knee and ankle was done – Bony correction at knee for flexion and rotational deformity Results after 6 months – (dec 2014) – was able to walk very nicely with the help of caliper and walker. No hands on knee gait, Rotation and all other deformities were taken care of. Results were satisfactory.

Polio Treatment: See Asha’s achievement to walk without crutches!

Kumari Asha D/o Raju Yadav 17/Female, resident of Amroha,UP was presented with polio of right lower limb with severe hip and knee flexion deformity. Walking with Crutches. Procedure – Soft tissue release was done and gradual distraction was applied in march 2010. after 1 and a half month, second surgery was done – Bony correction to overcome knee flexion deformity. Result after 1 year – She started walking without any support. Patient is happy

Pintu, a case of Polio (PPRP) is now walking without putting his hand over his knee after treatment.


Pintu a 19 year old Male, resident of Barabanki (UP) and a patient of post polio residual paralysis (PPRP). He was presented as a case of Post Polio Residual Palsy of left lower limb – wasting and shortening and walking with hand on knee. Dr Arora operated him at Hind Medical College, Barabanki in 2012. Procedures – Soft tissue release at hip, knee and ankle and SCO. Now walking without support of hand on knee. Satisfied and Happy.

You will be surprised!! A girl who was crawling is now walking after getting Polio Treatment


Meera a polio patient was walking on her fours when she entered Dr Arora’s Hospital. Now, she is walking erect and is very happy! Meera is a 14 year old female and a resident of Bahraich UP. Her left leg was not operable, it was flail, so Dr Arora operated on her right leg. She was operated at Mayo Medical college in 2014. Result – She is now walking erect with the help of crutches. Patient is Satisfied

Asra Fatima a Polio patient now walks erect without any difficulty. Best Doctor For Polio Treatment!


Asra Fatima a 17 year old female is a resident of Barabanki UP. She was presented with flail ankle and was walking with her hand over knee of left lower limb. She was operated at Mayo Medical college in 2014. Result – After 14 months of Surgery, she is now walking without support of hand on knee. Flail ankle is awaited for surgery. Patient is happy and satisfied.

Rajaram- A polio patient is now walking erect due to best treatment of Polio by Dr G L Arora

Rajaram 8 year old male and a resident of Bilaspur, chattisgarh was presented as PPRP (post polio paralysis) of right lower limb.His father is a mochi, polishing and repairing shoes by road side He was walking with the help of 2 upper arms and left lower limb. He was operated by Dr G L Arora at Dist. Hospital Bilaspur in 2004 by the procedure Soft Tissue Release and SCO. Result – Walking erect. Follow up after 10 years. Happy married life.





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